I don't have this concept that separates my art from my daily life. They are one thing to me. They are always one. How do you find the way to express yourself and how do you communicate with others? - Ai Weiwei

Weddings and Wars – Will Varley

The song can be found here. The illustrated version can be found here. This is a non-religious look at the creation of our world. It’s basically Sapiens in a song. It presents the scientific variant of the creation story, “Adam and Eve are strands of bacteria.” This twisting, manipulation and playing with well known stories […]


Initial ideas for the sound project

  Layering sound to produce a landscape or a virtual reality   using the voice as a tool either through spoken word or sound poetry   doing a performance piece where I produce a handmade foley soundtrack Finally, I would like to make a jouhikko. This is would be a great personal achievement as this […]


Professional development project

Research into active guerrilla groups in London. Have a look at visual impact, send emails, research into the publishing house next to Whitechapel (freedom press) Ask if they want to meet up for an interview and ask whether we would have permission to record them, possibly produce a release form that states what the purpose […]