Experiments, scripts, film production organisation, screen tests, samples and videos of course.

The Carrot Montage

  This is for part of one of my vlogs but I wanted to upload it separately as I spent quite a long time to producing the music by using my Jouhikko and various sound editing softwares. I have also developed my video editing, as I have started working with 4K video. It does take […]


Rabbit vlog audio

  This was edited in Audacity where I removed all background noise and amplified my voice. I would like to get better at using Audacity as I think that it is quite a powerful tool, I just need more practice.   One little easter egg that I have chosen to put into this script/audio is […]


Rabbit Vlog 1 – script

Hello!! My name is Kaninen, and some of you may know me as Mr fluffy bottoms on twitter and instagram, welcome to my channel and my first ever vlog.   I will be documenting my interesting and varied life as a rabbit, on this channel. I will mainly be vlogging and I might do some […]



ThatPoppy comments on what it takes to be a popstar in our world today, and being part of a large corporate machine. This series is produced by Titanic Sinclair. This series is renowned for being unnerving and unsettling as it plays into everyone’s fear of how manipulatable humans can be by idols. The series also […]


Alice the rabbit experiment

  Here I am just experimenting with different forms of distortion, as a way to document the transformation from human to rabbit. I wanted the editing to reflect the abstract nature of becoming a rabbit. Homing in on the paranoia that I associate with being replaced by that creature.