This is my brain dump of things that I think are inspiring and spark some interesting ideas in my head.

Kaninens final piece

I found myself wondering, what would a final piece look like if the rabbit was setting it up? He would be aware that mostly humans would be viewing this piece. So what does a rabbit think? How does he make his vlogs appealing for humans when displayed in a gallery? He would want the humans […]


The Rabbit’s character

In a similar way to my “Rules of the rabbit universe”┬ápost, I just wanted to outline the character in writing, so that I have something to reference, so make sure the character is consistent. RULE 1: If in doubt the rabbit has the same thoughts and morals as me. RULE 2: He is obsessed with […]


Rabbit Vlog 1 – script

Hello!! My name is Kaninen, and some of you may know me as Mr fluffy bottoms on twitter and instagram, welcome to my channel and my first ever vlog.   I will be documenting my interesting and varied life as a rabbit, on this channel. I will mainly be vlogging and I might do some […]


Alice the rabbit experiment

  Here I am just experimenting with different forms of distortion, as a way to document the transformation from human to rabbit. I wanted the editing to reflect the abstract nature of becoming a rabbit. Homing in on the paranoia that I associate with being replaced by that creature.


What next

So I find myself asking what next? I aesthetically like my collages but I feel that they aren’t as strong as my video work so I want to move more toward video and sound over the next few weeks. I want to create a sound library with the use of contact microphones and my jouhikko. […]