Sounds, scripts and other fantastic audio based work.

Rabbit vlog audio

  This was edited in Audacity where I removed all background noise and amplified my voice. I would like to get better at using Audacity as I think that it is quite a powerful tool, I just need more practice.   One little easter egg that I have chosen to put into this script/audio is […]


What next

So I find myself asking what next? I aesthetically like my collages but I feel that they aren’t as strong as my video work so I want to move more toward video and sound over the next few weeks. I want to create a sound library with the use of contact microphones and my jouhikko. […]


The paranoia

    This is a video that explores the fear and existential nihilism that surrounds the future. This is especially relevant to technology and how much paranoia surrounds the power of that future tech. The script was developed from my “Futuristic Rabbit Monologue”. I wrote the script for this after I had finished researching the […]


The Burning Jouhikko

  Giving my instrument a proper viking birth, through viking death. It was the death of it’s old function and the rebirth as an instrument. The norse rune for pine can also be interpreted as the word for torch. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to burn it. In addition, there is […]