Pieces of artwork that I have been producing. This page is progress and completion.

mock up

  This is a time lapse of people using and interacting with a small version of the installation I will be setting up over the next few days. I wanted to get some feedback on the items that I am using in it and  to see what I could improve on before I set up […]


Burning DVDs

5 hours later and I have a DVD that works and is all mine. I have produced my first DVD. It wasn’t as difficult as the Internet forums make it out to be. All you need to do is drag yourMP4 into burn. Do the MP4 to MPG conversion that it pop up suggests and […]


Kaninens final piece

I found myself wondering, what would a final piece look like if the rabbit was setting it up? He would be aware that mostly humans would be viewing this piece. So what does a rabbit think? How does he make his vlogs appealing for humans when displayed in a gallery? He would want the humans […]


The Carrot Montage

  This is for part of one of my vlogs but I wanted to upload it separately as I spent quite a long time to producing the music by using my Jouhikko and various sound editing softwares. I have also developed my video editing, as I have started working with 4K video. It does take […]