Pieces of artwork that I have been producing. This page is progress and completion.

The Carrot Montage

  This is for part of one of my vlogs but I wanted to upload it separately as I spent quite a long time to producing the music by using my Jouhikko and various sound editing softwares. I have also developed my video editing, as I have started working with 4K video. It does take […]


Rabbit Vlog 1 – script

Hello!! My name is Kaninen, and some of you may know me as Mr fluffy bottoms on twitter and instagram, welcome to my channel and my first ever vlog.   I will be documenting my interesting and varied life as a rabbit, on this channel. I will mainly be vlogging and I might do some […]


Alice the rabbit experiment

  Here I am just experimenting with different forms of distortion, as a way to document the transformation from human to rabbit. I wanted the editing to reflect the abstract nature of becoming a rabbit. Homing in on the paranoia that I associate with being replaced by that creature.


The paranoia

    This is a video that explores the fear and existential nihilism that surrounds the future. This is especially relevant to technology and how much paranoia surrounds the power of that future tech. The script was developed from my “Futuristic Rabbit Monologue”. I wrote the script for this after I had finished researching the […]


Rise up

  This is a music video that I directed, edited and produced myself. I was commissioned to make this music video by MylesTheBaker. I was inspired by my research into punk movements like Taqwacores and artists like Laura Oldfield Ford. This piece is exploring how we should rise up, against machines and technology. This is […]