Academic Writing

This is a page where I scrutinise research, concepts and my thoughts. Exploring how and why they are relevant to me as a practicing artist.


ThatPoppy comments on what it takes to be a popstar in our world today, and being part of a large corporate machine. This series is produced by Titanic Sinclair. This series is renowned for being unnerving and unsettling as it plays into everyone’s fear of how manipulatable humans can be by idols. The series also […]


What next

So I find myself asking what next? I aesthetically like my collages but I feel that they aren’t as strong as my video work so I want to move more toward video and sound over the next few weeks. I want to create a sound library with the use of contact microphones and my jouhikko. […]


Philip K Dick’s Electric dreams

One of those paranoia books by Philip K Dick – The Secret History   This is a book filled with short stories exploring future technologies. It was the precursor to TV shows like Black Mirror and Altered Carbon. The majority of these short stories were written in the 1950s, just after the conclusion of the […]


Centre for the study of existential risk

I was first introduced to this field of study when I was listening to “The Daily Zeitgeist – Google wants to watch you 3.1.18”. The Centre for the study of existential risk was something that was just mentioned in passing in the conversation that they were having about the future. However it’s name and premise […]