Academic Writing

This is a page where I scrutinise research, concepts and my thoughts. Exploring how and why they are relevant to me as a practicing artist.

Self Evaluation

Achievements My main achievement was pushing myself out of my comfort zone to work with film and sound. Getting to know new software that allowed me to create work of a higher standard that I’m proud of. For example, I taught myself how to use Audacity to edit audio, producing the voice over for my […]


Kaninens final piece

I found myself wondering, what would a final piece look like if the rabbit was setting it up? He would be aware that mostly humans would be viewing this piece. So what does a rabbit think? How does he make his vlogs appealing for humans when displayed in a gallery? He would want the humans […]


The Vlogging Rabbit – concept

After doing my research into future technology, I have gone on to look at the affect of social media (Nasim Aghdam) and I would like to explore this further. I will do this by producing a series of videos with a vlogging rabbit were I will be satirising the obsession with social media in our […]


The Rabbit’s character

In a similar way to my “Rules of the rabbit universe” post, I just wanted to outline the character in writing, so that I have something to reference, so make sure the character is consistent. RULE 1: If in doubt the rabbit has the same thoughts and morals as me. RULE 2: He is obsessed with […]



ThatPoppy comments on what it takes to be a popstar in our world today, and being part of a large corporate machine. She is a constructed persona that is a satire of pop culture. This series is produced by Titanic Sinclair. This series is renowned for being unnerving and unsettling as it plays into everyone’s […]