ThatPoppy comments on what it takes to be a popstar in our world today, and being part of a large corporate machine. She is a constructed persona that is a satire of pop culture. This series is produced by Titanic Sinclair. This series is renowned for being unnerving and unsettling as it plays into everyone’s fear of how manipulatable humans can be by idols. The series also plays into a lot of conspiracy theories about popular culture. This fear mongering is very intelligently done as is causes people to talk about her work online, making her work self publicising. ThatPoppy links to my research into the Cern Opening Ceremony and the mass hysteria that followed. 

In the video above she is endorsing the product “Tide”. Where she basically just reads all of the information on the box, at some points even repeating herself. Showing that she really has no opinion on the product, or doesn’t really care for it. The lack of joy or interest in her voice in noticeable here and plenty of her other videos. Suggesting that she has to produce this content and she takes no enjoyment in doing so.

The use of pastel colours and ambient music lulls you into a false sense of security, and makes you feel like they are purposefully making you docile when you are watching her videos. Many people believe that this is a way that the director is subtly manipulating the viewers into thinking that there is nothing wrong with the videos, allowing the director to subliminally message and control the viewers. I think that that view is a bit of an exaggeration, but I do think that the juxtaposition of the uncomfortable nature of the content and presentation of the video, against the cute outfits, pastel colours and gentle music leads to the viewer feeling confused and oppressed. This could represent how oppressed and controlled popular artists in the mainstream media feel.


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