The Rabbit’s point of view with original audio



This piece was largely inspired by Leviathan. I wanted to create an immersive experience from the point of view of the rabbit so that the viewer can understand what it’s like to be a rabbit. In a similar way that the use of GoPro’s in Leviathan allow the viewer to attain an immersive experience of being a fisherman, as it’s filmed mainly from the point of view of the crew on the ship.

As mentioned in my analysis of Leviathan, when I was editing this piece I used dips to black as my transitions as it makes the film run more smoothly as the editing is more subtle.

In addition, I have experimented with leaving the original audio in this piece to see how it would affect the viewing experience. This is another element that was inspired by Leviathan, as that film contains all of the original audio making the viewing experience feel more valid and visceral.

Throughout this film I have made sure that there is constant movement as I wanted to keep the viewer intrigued and engaged with this piece.

I would like to develop this piece further in the future by editing it together with footage of the rabbit and perhaps place a monologue over the top of it.

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