The futuristic rabbit monologue

And then I wake up one morning and realise I’m a rabbit.


I can’t remember when the transformation happened, because I wasn’t there to witness  it. I just woke up and I was a rabbit. I kind of forgot that events still occur, even when you’re not looking. Because time is progress. And progress is all that humankind cares about. Even though their staggeringly fast rate of progress seems to be like sprinting blindfolded along a knife’s edge. The steaks are high and the only payoff is only survival, to live another day, and continue running.


You’re so in love with progress but you’re fearful of the future

Silly humans, you are the funniest dark comedy I have ever seen.


When your solar panels start worshipping the sun

Wind turbines march across your horizons

Fish swimming through plastic oceans

Will you care?

You’re not the ones who have to hop through all the rubbish that you make, take, break, chuck. I care, but do you?

Do you care?

Will you care when nanorobots trickle into you blood?

A designer baby’s heart starts to thud

An amazon delivery, wrapped in bubble wrap, scrubbed clean from the mud

Genetically modified to be bright and new

Will you care when your car drives itself home tonight?

Your world is progressing and you can’t ignore it.

I think that’s why you are so fearful of the future.

But you are silly even in doing that

Because it won’t be a zombie apocalypse that kills you

Or a constant total eclipse

The world won’t stand still

You won’t drown in an infinite landfill

It won’t be fire in the streets and blood raining from the sky

You’ll probably just die

In a future that looks pretty similar to our present

But with a few technical changes

The end of days will just be a computer virus written by some guy

Either way your memories will still be backed up to the cloud

A missile will still search through the crowd

Is human cloning legal now?

Facebook will still be monitoring your mood

The rich will out live the poor

Weaponized robots will watch your door as you sleep

AI blankets will hand you tissues as you weep

Designer drugs will be more efficiently ruining lives

What will happen when there are no more bees in their hives?

Bionic replacements of our former selves

Ghosts of humans found on factory shelves

Paradise is after all just a world without human beings

Medicated to not be difficult and be totally removed from their feelings

But what do I know

I’m just a rabbit


What was I saying earlier?

Oh yes

It always surprises you how much the world changes when you’re not looking. Like your very important local skyline, progressing and regressing. You forget quite quickly what was before. Was it a Waitrose or a Tescos before it became a Primark? The change is subtle but crucial, it’s the most important evolution you will ever witness. This progress is what drives you onwards and upwards to dizzying new heights. Like turning from humankind to rabbitkind. However, I’m a firm believer that categorisation only leads to discrimination. Who cares if I’m a rabbit, so long as I don’t hurt anything or anyone.


Anyway, through this progress, slowly you will realise the world isn’t black and white. It’s grey and it has been since the 1946. It’s man made machines pumping out man made machines for mankind. You silly humans.


Watching you humans using each other’s culture and heritage as a marketing scheme to inflate prices and sell shit back to each other. It’s ridiculous, don’t you see the humour in that? You silly humans.


As I hopped through the poppyfields filled with bullet wounds I wondered if history is going to repeat itself and what will happen if it all goes to shit. I pondered for a while and came to the conclusion that I guess it’s only going to be the end of the human race.


The world will keep on spinning and I will still be here with in the dirt with the cockroaches and water bears. I will burrow into this wormhole until I find meaning. Like becoming the rabbit before it replaces me.



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