Doors for mirrors

I’ve only got one story to tell, and that’s mine

Nothing is forever, but living is just divine

Ev’rytime I saw her, staring she was insane

My heart beats out her name, Leaving nothing but pain

Then the jaw almost broke, and he forgot his son

Crocodile eyes will stare, but the sun was far gone

Then he pulls at the chain, causing the dog to cry

And an anarchist trench coat that won’t comply

And screamed incessantly, I enter the red mist,

lay in the road, Pretending we did kiss,

We built her a house of cushions to keep her safe,

Doors for mirrors, and mirrors for doors, or have faith,

Now happy and now gone, Wishing her to survive

The water will run back, head first, I will not dive

We are the hedonists of today and tomorrow

And would mess up her room, to find things to borrow

And once more the sun shall rise, devouring the unwise

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