Dan Deacon – When I was done dying


This is a chant that consists of 8 beats a line and rhyming couplets. This gives the lyrics a steady rhythm, making it easy to place to music. 4 beats a bar, 1 line/2 bars. This is a similar structure to my poem “Doors for mirrors“, and when performed it is very powerful. The rhythmic structure suggests a beat when being performed and feels very ritual like, which links to the Purple FilmThis pacing is reminiscent of “The heart of a Dog“, which was a film that had a strong Tibetan influence, and had a mediative yet rhythmic pace to it.

This song build up in momentum throughout, with the layering of different sounds, leading to a crescendo, this is very reminiscent of bands like Heilung and Solstafir. With those bands, most songs start off ambient and then slowing different elements get introduced until it reaches a climax. Then it tapers off and seems to rewind through each stage of progression and then the song ends.


Heilung and Dan Deacon inspired performance where I chant [in Swedish] and play the Jouhikko in costume. I would have to come up with a drumming sound to have in the background that slowing builds up to a crescendo.

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