This is the final piece for the 1 week abstract film project that I was tasked with this week. We had to work in groups of 3-5 to create an abstract film that focused on one specific colour. And this is what my group produced.

We focused on the concept of divinity and the occult. Comparing other worldly worship to worldly worship. While also exploring the duality of the nature of the colour purple, as it can be both a warm or a cold colour depending on the hue. The first half is focusing on the etherial, other worldly worship where the purple has a more pinkish hue. The second half is focusing on the occult and earthly worship where the purple has a more blue hue. The psychology behind this colour use was explored in my colour theory post.

It was mainly inspired by Commingled containers” Brakhage. This film has strong links to light drawing, with it’s gestural use of movement throughout. Using curvilinear and natural forms throughout gives this piece an etherial nature. In an interview about this piece the artist said that he wanted to explore the outer surface and inner surface of nature, after being inspired a flowing stream.

It was also mentioned in the interview, that the artist was about to have major surgery which was very dangerous. There was a large chance that the artist wasn’t going to survive. This fear of mortality and reflection on life is a theme throughout this piece. Firstly, lot of the water droplets looked like cells, which could represent his thoughts about cancer. Secondly, the droplets on the camera lens could be seen as the artist’s lamentation and morning of this life, as it was visually similar to looking through tears. Finally, there is a playful attitude towards light and odd optical effects, representing how living life through a camera have given him joy.

These two pieces link to my light drawing and abstract film work.



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