Weddings and Wars – Will Varley

The song can be found here.

The illustrated version can be found here.

This is a non-religious look at the creation of our world. It’s basically Sapiens in a song.

It presents the scientific variant of the creation story, “Adam and Eve are strands of bacteria.” This twisting, manipulation and playing with well known stories is a reoccurring theme in this song. Both with religious and cultural narratives.

A minor is used throughout this song, which has a slightly pained, uncomfortable feeling about it. There is a pang of sadness and anxiety about it, which shows the musician’s slight fear of human beings and their potential. That, along with out lack of knowledge about ourselves and the purpose of our existence is the core meaning of the song, in my eyes.

Explaining the existence of God in a really matter of fact way, has poignancy and is controversial. Yet since it’s in a song format, it slips under the radar for many people. “we use God as a word for the things we can’t see.” From a scientific and historical perspective this is the distilled truth of the existence of God. Revealing how so many surrender their power and control to a construct because saying that it has the answers is easier than searching for the answers.

“Let’s wait for TV,” is a comical statement that suggest that the symbol of human completeness is TV. I think this statement is a symbol of human complacency.

“Mankind some men kings and other men slaves” shows how arbitrary our class system is. As we are all the same underneath. It’s a man-made status that was relevant 1000s of years ago and is still relevant today but in a different way. In addition, “God spoke to me and he told me to kill you” shows how arbitrary power and control is. It’s all just a construct, and this highlights the ludicrousy of our society. “We spread like a virus” Shows that we aren’t a force for good in the artist’s eyes. We are a plague upon the earth. Which links to the performance pieces at the Nunnery gallery.

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