Thoughts about the future

IT IS POSSIBLE TO KNOW TOO MUCH – What will happen when the human genome has been reduced to a string of data? When the brain has been completely mapped? And when computer algorithms know you better than you know yourself?

Why aren’t there systems in place to stop humans from becoming obsolete? A human without a purpose, can’t live a life that is worth living.

Is life just data processing? If so, we will be able to be reduced to strings of data and algorithms will be king. If not, then we will be free from complete control and compatibility with computers.

What is more valuable – intelligence or consciousness? The answer will be intelligence because that is what fits best with future development and the advancement of computers. I don’t think consciousness will be valued too highly in the future as knowledge is power, therefore intelligence is power, therefore computers a high level of intelligence will have a lot of power. Why would consciousness be valuable? It’s only valuable because it’s the last advantage that we have over computers. Suggesting that there is something that separates us from computers. Something that makes us special and still relevant in the future. But in reality, many humans will be obsolete in the future. And that is what many people are fearful of. If consciousness is valuable, then humankind will still be relevant.

People are afraid that in the future we will have to surrender all control to an unfeeling machine as we become more reliant on technology. But who is to say that we aren’t already under control of a machine of sorts already. We are under the control of the market and the state, is that any different from a computer algorithm? If not, then an adjustment to being under the control of a computer algorithm would be easy. I’m not sure if many people could tell the difference.

There will be resistance and fear to any new technology that gets produced. But it is up to you to try it and see whether the fear is justified.

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