Sound project briefing

SOUND – an additional part of my self directed practice where I will add to my skill set in through producing a sound piece. This could be a stand alone work or part of a performance in dance, music, spoken word etc


We feel sound, we understand it physically


The guy that made the piano suggested that you just listen. Listen to the sounds around you and isolate them. You never live in silence.


You need to listen positively and filter out so much unwanted sound information.

Microcosmic and macrosomic sounds.

Voice and insects to thunder and heavy rain

Consider the different spatial and conic resonances that these audio experiences share with our optical understanding of wide angle and standard view and extreme close up perspectives on a range of visual subject matter.

LAYERING AND CREATING A LANDSCAPE OF SOUND. Think about layering sound like constructing a landscape. Things in the distance will be smaller and quieter. The things closer will be louder and larger.


Test everything and play with equipment like:

contact recorders – tape to windows and listen to the stresses and strains of a building

coil recorders – picking up invisible sounds coming from electronic equipment or the high pitched sounds of bats .



The drawing in the V&A of St. Pauls and how the sound resonated from there.


Antiphonic – calling out and responding to it – COULD USE THIS FOR LAYERING SOUND

Polyphonic – multi-sounded



RESEARCH INTO SOUND IN FILM like Trainspotting, The Wall by Pink Floyd and Foley artists. 

  • The voice as a tool
  • MAKE YOUR OWN INSTRUMENTS go to the instrument museum – try to make to juohikko! Do research and make sure it links to my current project. Draw a diagram and take it to the wood workshop. 

  • Handmade foley sound track – snapping frozen celery – An interesting performance piece idea – Lisbon story
  • Mapping a location





9 types of sound

  1. voice/spoken word – eg. pressures of the text – peter rose

The knights that say ni in the Holy Grail by Monty Python – Deconstructing language


The hairdresser where it sounds like you are in a room this links into future technologies and virtual realities

2. Extended voice

Inuit throat singing

Kurt schwitters early sound poetry – go through poetry and refine it to sound poetry


  1. Instruments

Akio suzuki – homemade instruments

Research in to the sandler’s wells performance about Japan with the singer

Evelyn Glennie – have a look at her ted talks

The sound of the waterphone

Do you hear or feel the sound of a truck passing you

Suzan phillipsz


4. natural sounds

Chris Watson


  1. electronics

Delia Derbyshire – the radiophonic workshop


Her archive is in Manchester suggest that Jasper or Millie goes there


  1. Architectural sounds

Acoustic mirrors

Whales being DJs of the sea

Titanium implants using the skull


  1. Spatial sounds
  2. Internal resonances

Anechoic chamber – john cage


  1. FOLEY artists 

An interesting performance piece idea.



Things to keep in mind:




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