Revisiting Martha Rosler’s Grey Drape and War Primer 2

I have already analysed Martha Rosler’s piece here and War Primer 2 here.

These pieces relate to my new project as I would like to produce protest artwork about future technology. This is inspired by Homo Deus and Philip K Dick’s electric dreams.

Both pieces explore the “us and them” mentality that society has about war. However, how does this change when you consider that some people will become cyborgs? What form of divide will that produce?

The rich shall inherit the earth.

If the rich can afford super fast electronic implants into the brain and into their muscles. Then that will cause the rich to be physically and mentally superior to the poor. Classism will become far more stratified. Making the mobility between classes more difficult as people who had implants since birth will take to them better to people who get them later in life. Therefore, people who become upper class later in life will stand out like a sore thumb to those who have been upper since birth.

In addition, as medicine advances the rich will afford better medicines, and therefore will have a longer life expectancy. It might even get to a point where medicine advances so far that the rich will be ammortal. (Not immortal but ammortal. This is where you can still be killed by accidents but you will not die of old age or disease.)

All of this will elevate the rich to Gods. They won’t die. They own infinite power due to the future weaponisation of robots.

So I shall apply that “us and them” mentality to future technology in order to explore our potential future.

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