Projection of THE RABBIT experiments

This video is to illustrate my creative process when experimenting with the installation of my projection piece.

Firstly, the acetate was placed on the floor. Which turned out to be pointless, as it had no effect on the projection or acetate. It just looked like someone had dropped some plastic on the floor, it added nothing to the installation like this.

Secondly, the acetate was lent against each other. The acetate looked visually interesting and intriguing. The way that it captured and manipulated the light was very effective. The close up of the acetate intrigues me, I would like to explore this further in the future. However, the effect that it had on the projection isn’t what I desired. So this wouldn’t be ideal for presenting my work, at the current point in time.

Thirdly, the acetate was placed upright like a wall. This affected the projection less, but I didn’t want the acetate to have that effect on the projection, as it looks like a projection of Swiss cheese onto film. However, I still like the affect the light had on the acetate when you ignore the projection, which makes me think that perhaps just working with different lights on the acetate might be a solution for a future development of this piece.

Then, the acetate placed against the wall. This made the acetate sheets look small and insignificant. It made the composition of this piece look sloppy and confused. Yet, I realised how much I liked the way that the light reflected in the floor, which makes me think when I’m installing this piece that I should clean the floor well to get a stronger reflection. This manipulation of light links to my research into burnt acetate, light drawing and my previous work with projection.

This was then developed by placing the acetate in the corner of the room. The decision to move the projector so that it would project on 2 walls links to the performance work that I have done previously. I remembered how effective projecting into the corner of a room is. As it alters the form of the piece to become more sculptural and geometric, giving the piece a stronger presence and depth to the composition.

The acetate sheets still look tiny and visually aggravating as it confuses the composition, making the audience unsure what to look at. The acetate sheets look like a mistake rather than something that has been placed there on purpose. I therefore decided to remove them and centre the projector properly to see what effect that would have.

Finally, the film was projected in the corner without acetate. This produced a very powerful piece with a strong presence and an impressive air.Cubes have always been powerful symbols, especially when it comes to physics to do with time, realities and existence, as it represents the x, y, and z axis. Our 3D world. The cube is something that the audience will be viewing, representing the 4D element to our existence. As illustrated in this piece:

RED IMMORTAL [edited for screen printing]

The angular, geometric form that it produced is bold  and is reminiscent of an open book. In addition, this composition links to content of this piece; the existence of the rabbit. The placement of everything low to the ground represents the world from a rabbit’s point of view.

This piece will be my burrow. So if you can’t stand reality, sit.

After watching the video above, I realised I would have to paint the wall before installing the piece as there are scuffs in the wall that might detract from my piece. In addition I will definitely clean the floor when I’m installing this piece, as the reflection of the projection gives the piece depth, and a more captivating composition.

To do when installing piece

  • Do a risk assessment
  • extension cable is needed
  •  tape down wires and make a viewing perimeter with masking tape
  • make sure the projector is at a 45° angle to the corner and placed 2m away from the corner
  • clean the floor and see if it’s possible to paint the walls.
  • take out a speaker, projector and cable on Monday
  • bring a notebook for the critique
  • turn down the brightness on the laptop and put out of the way, the cords are long enough for it to be out of the way
    A photo to illustrate the layout of the installation.

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