This is a development of my vispo, given the refinement and progression of my style of the last few months.


These strongly visually reference Sonja Ahlers, and my research into her style. With these pieces of visual poetry I have chosen to actively try to be more minimalist with my composition. As I have a tendency to crowd my composition when I’m passionate about the artwork I’m producing. What has influenced me to create artwork with a more minimal composition, stems from my research into Merve Özaslan’s collages. I love how simple yet powerful they are. 


Why is our existence subjective? JPEG
This is a piece where I was exploring how obscure and bizarre our existence is, especially when you realise that your reality is subjective. I wanted the image that I used to visually reflect the conundrum, and existentialist nature of the question posed in this piece.
typewritter JPEG
This is a development of my poem “Insomnia” as I found that a lot of the words that I used in that poem are relevant to this project as it references time throughout.
Typewriter collage 2 JPEG
This visual poetry is a development on my essay on immortality. I condensed that essay into this poem or blessay where I have distilled the key points of that essay into a piece that is easier to digest.  The use of tracing paper to layer the text over the minimalist collage gives the piece a dreamy, hazy, nostalgic atmosphere to the piece. I have also made sure that this piece is aesthetic and visually pleasing by placing text on the right rabatment line. In addition, the image that I used to accompany the text references the use of text in the piece, as the man has a page of text in his pocket.


Typewriter collage 1 JPEG
This piece is a development of the piece above. Here I have explored layering further. It also links to my dyslexia book heavily, as this layering of text is reminiscent of what I see when I look at a page of block text. In addition, the image that I used to accompany the text references the use of text in the piece, as the man is holding a book. However, I don’t think this piece was as successful as the piece above because the tracing paper seems misplaced, throwing the composition off. This means that the composition is aesthetically disturbed.
Time is not tangible JPEG
This piece is a development of a piece in VISPO 1, as I have developed and refined the text from it. This is due to image used in this piece being more visually impactful and intriguing.
Tidresor melting eyes JPEG
As most of the pieces in this post, this piece is a development of a previous visual poem. The translation is “Time travel is gentrification of the soul”. I have worked into the image used this piece to visually reflect the emotive language.


  • Print onto acetate and project these pieces over a performance
  • Print onto acetate and shine light through it, to see what effect it has

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