Untouchable – experimental book

Untouchable – Flower fold

This book binding technique is a mixture of two different types of bookbinding. I just took the initiative and decided to combine them in order to produce a book that I felt visually represented what the ballet made me feel.

I felt inspired by the ballet dancers and their movement and wanted to incorporate it into this piece through the bookbinding technique that I used.

The poem that this piece is based on can be found here.

The visual poetry in this piece works with layering and transparency, something that I have experimented with a lot before, I even started doing it in “Book 2” where some of the pages are tracing paper and others are opaque. In addition, this layering of the language is reminiscent of the actual ballet as it had a sequence that would repeat that was rigid and mechanical, and then the ballet would descend into chaos and then suddenly return to that militarised dancing. The structure, form and composition of this piece is supposed to reflect that. The strong geometric repeating form of this piece echos the use of repetition in the ballet. In addition, in certain parts of the dance there were different colours projected onto the stage, representing the progression and regression throughout the performance. I mirrored this through the colours that I used in different sections of the piece. Again showing that progression and regression. This piece is the truest analysis and dissection of that ballet through poetry.

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