Marinated pages – experiment


These are sections of pages marinating in oil to see if it would affect the transparency as I know that it should in theory work. I think this effect would be good for layering and for creating transparent pages when I have no tracing paper. However, I’, aware that this faux tracing paper is messy and wouldn’t work in most printers and certainly wouldn’t work in my typewriter. Then again I could aways just put oil onto the pages after I’ve printed onto them in an attempt to make them transparent.

In addition to that experimenting, I have also been seeing if I can lift the ink from pages using oil. The black on the tissue above shows that ink has been removed by the oil. Therefore, in theory I could lift the text from any page of this book using oil.


  • Marinate a book in oil, to see how it affects the transparency of the pages and to see how the ink would react
  • Put these fragments onto a projector to see what would be projected now that the transparency has been altered


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