Dyslexia – Experimental book

Dyslexia – t-cut

This is a very simplistic piece where I have been isolating the key parts of my poem and using layout of this book to emphasis those parts of poetry. I find this book binding style defies logic, so links to the disorientation that language makes me feel as someone with dyslexia. This is enforced by the layering of text, (which links to the Untouchable – experimental book) as it makes if more difficult to decipher what you are looking reading, as I am trying to simulate the dyslexic experience. I would like to further explore this, as it does explain why I have a weird relationship with language, and makes the viewer more empathic of the dyslexic experience. 

I used blue because that was the colour of pen that I used when I was learning how to write in primary colour. So I felt was relevant to this piece.

This piece also links to some of the audio work that I have been doing recently. The audio piece supports this book well and can be found here.

The original poem can be found here.

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