My own linear, yet corrupted, timeline


This is my experimental, development of my VISPO. I have layered imagery and audio to produce a thick, immersive atmosphere. I have used my own artwork throughout, which I have been developing throughout this project, all based around time and language.

This piece is based around my ongoing existential crisis that I have been experiencing throughout this project. Throughout the holidays I felt the fleeting feeling of time passing, the lack of control I have over time and being able to observe the progression produced by time.

I have been deconstructing the construct that we living, by dismantling and examining the framework. While also being very self-referential throughout all of my work. (Which I find is difficult not to do as almost all artwork that artists produce is autobiographical.)

I used a recording of me reading the script layered with my friend trying to read The Half-Coloured Sky, even though she doesn’t know Swedish. I think it ties my early work in this project in nicely, to the work that I have been working on recently.

The original audio can be found here.

The transcript of this piece can be found here.


I need to have a look at montage theory (especially Alfred Hitchcock and his approach and innovation with montage) as that features heavily in this piece. And I think it would help deepen my understanding and appreciation of the work that I have been producing.


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