A slightly off topic – Work for a Canadian zine

These pieces were all submitted as work for the zine project that I am contributing towards. I wanted them to link to my artwork and also British politics.

Most of these pieces are developments of my previous pieces from my post “VISPO“. As I had edited quite a few pieces in preparation to do screenprinting. However, I chose to do this with those edits instead of the screenprinting as these were more successful.

I secretly love my linear existence
This piece is a protest piece in response to Brexit and it’s affect on our society. It’s a very busy and emotive piece, where I have explored layering of text and image to produce a visually coherent piece. I was mainly focusing on the language that I was using, as it links strongly with the work I have been doing in my current project. In addition, there is a minimal use of a bold, red colour to draw the piece together and identify the different key, visual components.
This is a very simple edit of one of my previous pieces where I have used pointillist dots to construct my images (this was done digitally) and then I have added some simple muted colours in a further exploration of minimalist colour and the effect that it has over a piece.
“I’M SO HAPPY I CAN HARDLY BREATHE” is a reference to a Rachelle Ferrell song called ‘I know you love me’. Which is a sarcastic response as to how I feel towards UK politics and especially Brexit. The statement is I used in this piece is oxymoronic, and I love the mental gymnastics that it makes the viewer do when they view the piece. If I would have had more time I would have made sure that this statement was displayed clearer. This is the most emotive protest piece I produced out of the series and I think that it also has the most visual impact out of all of them.

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