My own linear, yet corrupted timeline FINAL DRAFT

It surprises us how much the world changes when we’re not looking. Sometimes we forget that events still occur even when we’re not present. This is made especially obvious when you return to a place that you know well, after being away for an extended period of time.

For me it was made obvious when I went home for the holidays:

There’s an exercise bike in my room

More mould above the shower

A new toilet seat

My soap has been used, but not by me

There are new trinkets on the window sill

There’s an egg holder in the kitchen

More of the paint has been scratched away

And a new book on the table


I no longer feel attached to this timeline.

My personality resigned to a bookshelf and some draws. 

My existence in this space has been dismantled. 

It’s now just an area that I just happen to be occupying and some of my possessions just happen to be in it. But this space is not mine. I find myself pondering as I leave, how with this space develop further over time? The time that I’m not present for. The world will still spin, and cells will still decay. And once more the sun shall rise.

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