Time and language

Despite all of the chaos in the world, through time and language we have produced a structured framework to work within. A space where we can organise, create, communicate and destroy. Though based on real physical features of our world, these intersubjective entities control our existence. They control our happiness and fulfilment.  They create stress, hate speech and anxiety while also creating literature, art and purpose. Forcing people to become more ambitious. What could possibly be bad with that?

It makes me wonder about a lot of events through human history and how different they would be without an awareness of time or communication. Would the world be a better or a worst place without language or time?

2017-01-21 22.39.13.jpg
Light drawing piece, inspired by the text above. I wanted to demonstrate chaos and conformity through creating a random curvilinear form, which contains strong parallel lines, giving the form structure.


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