Time and Language part 2

My experience of time is based upon my perception of time. The time I experience way well be different to the you experience time. There is no way to know or to prove it as our perception of reality is relative/subjective; there is no way to prove that your reality is the same as mine, as I don’t live in your brain.

Time doesn’t give a fuck about you or your feelings, time speaks his mind and doesn’t care about the consequences whereas language is for everyone. The alphabet doesn’t discriminate, people do.

It can be arranged into the texts of the bible, the Un Human rights, Martin Luther King Jrs “I had a dream” speech, neo-nazi websites and Donald trumps twitter account. It’s a weapon and a tool not to be overestimated, overused and under appreciated and underrated. There’s power and weight in words and language in general. Now more than ever this is relevant in the time of Femme Nazis, Donald Trump’s tweets creating global crisis, political correctness, internet trolls and racists all available readily for anyone to have contact with online. Being exposed to hateful language, that causes harm. Dangerous language.

REVOLTING SOCIETY i secretly love my linear existence.jpg
A protest piece bemoaning the times we live in. I have developed my vispo in this piece. It was initially created as part of the Zine project. However, I still wanted this piece to be able to exist along side my artwork and academic writing. It has been produced and edited to compliment the piece of text above. The use of strong primary colours and layering makes the piece visually coherent, yet busy. This visual complexity represents the denseness and depth of the issues that we face today.  This piece also references a lot of my other artwork where I confess that I wouldn’t ever want to time travel. It would spoil my perception and purpose of my existence. This piece links to my research into Clunie Reid, Sonja Ahlers and Suzanne McClelland


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