VISPO performance

This was a collaborative performance between different artists in Bournemouth. it contained a display of multiple individual pieces displayed on the walls, live music and live projection.

Projection has always been something that interested me I thought that this was a going to be a good opportunity to experiment with it. In addition, this was a good opportunity to display my work to an audience of people and to start working with organising collaborative events. The Collective had access to a large room in the centre of Bournemouth, during the event we were able to put up artworks on the wall, there was floor space available for sculptures or free standing pieces, a sound system and an old projector.

I wanted my work to be clearly visible throughout the night, so I selected to use the old projector. My plan was to print out my vispo onto acetate, and project it over the live performance



2017-01-20 15.29.54.jpg
I have experimented with a similar technique of melting acetate previously [20/1/2017] where I was trying to preserve jeans by melting lamination sheets around fabric. So I do know that it is possible to produce some interesting texture. However, I didn’t shine light through it to see if it is possible to create interesting projections from it. 





2017-03-23 13.20.47.jpg
Here I was experimenting to see if it was possible to project the image even if it was burnt, and seeing what texture burnt acetate would produce. I used an old piece of artwork that I just happened to have printed on acetate in the past. I didn’t use a new piece as I didn’t want to invest in some acetate when I didn’t know whether this process was going to work or not. 
2017-03-25 23.02.22.jpg
As this was a collaborative collective performance, everyone contributed artwork to be projected over the band as they were playing. We had a few hours before the audience arrived to set up and experiment with the composition of the projections, and how they would look within the space. 

2017-03-25 20.50.50







2017-03-25 22.57.07.jpg

2017-03-25 22.57.07-2.jpg
The text projected here are a mixture of my notes, and other members of the collective’s notes. Layering up the text like this was very reminiscent of my work with language, especially pieces like the dyslexia book, the marinated book and some of my vispo

2017-03-25 22.43.08.jpg2017-03-25 22.29.48.jpg2017-03-25 22.25.32-2.jpg2017-03-25 22.25.32.jpg2017-03-25 21.55.05.jpg


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