Light drawing

These are long exposure pieces where I have been photographing the passing of time. This produces photographs that are dynamic, curvilinear and organic. These pieces are an abstract documentation of light and movement. The photographing of these forms is a performance captured in motion. I have used warm lighting throughout to compliment the tone of the skin, giving it a healthy glow. In places the lighting is very fierce, causing the pieces to have a chiaroscuro tone. Light drawing abstracts and obscures the form in a controlled yet random way, producing an unpredictable yet organic form. The lines of trailing light are gestural and bold, making the composition dynamic, visually exciting and dramatic.

weird armpit 1 [edited].jpg

body highway 2 [edited] .jpg

golden alice 1 edited.jpg


Freddie, adam and toriagh on my bed edited.jpg


me, freddie, adam and toriagh on my bed (Edited).jpg

on fiya 1 [edited].jpg
Spotlight adam 2 (edited).jpgSpotlight Adam 1 (edited).jpg



  • screen printing these images
  • print out these images on to acetate, burn it and shine light through it, maybe project a film through it


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