The impossible book – Experimental book

The impossible book – square flexagon

This was an experimental piece where I was just trying to work out how this book functions as it works in a nonsensical way. Therefore, the phrases that I have used for each fold are completely random and don’t produce a narrative. If you open the book from the centre fold each time you will get a different combination of all of the squares together. This book creates a level of psychogeography as the viewer tries to visualise how the piece functions, navigating it in their mind. I think this book binding technique would lend itself to Vispo, or poems where the order doesn’t matter. Since, it’s difficult to understand and you haven’t been exposed to this type of book binding before, then it’s very intriguing to the viewer as this book is puzzling and bewildering. I would love to recreate this book using my poem “Richard K” or “My Brother” as I think that they would suit this book binding style.

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