Dark room process

Firstly, you pull down the leaver on the back left hand side, releasing the plate. Then you can take out the plate and place your film in between the two parts of the plate. Then you line up your desired negative with the viewing box. Make sure your image fits evenly in the box and you can see all of your negative through the box. Then place the plate back into the projection box, then pull down the leaver on the back left side to secure the plate in place.
Without any photographic paper on the bench just turn on the light and make sure that your negative is well aligned.
The dial on the left is minutes, and the dial on the right is seconds, this timer is started by the button on the right. The switch on the left is for if you want to expose manually (less precise).
Here you can see me adjusting the boarders on the bench. You place the photographic paper on the bench and adjust the boarders to fit your paper. Then you remove the paper and then you can line up the negative projection with the boarders and start adjusting the sharpness.
Here you can see that you can test and adjust sharpness of the image, this is done using the knob on the left hand side of the bench. You can use the microscope to see how sharp the image is.
You want to be able to look through the microscope and see a grainy image, this means that the print will come out sharp when you develop it.
The photo sensitive paper was placed on the bench. Here I started the test exposures. I uncovered a 2cm section of the photographic paper and then exposed it for 3 seconds.
Then I uncovered 2cm more and exposed that for another 3 seconds, as you can see here. This means that when you develop this photo you will be able to see the ideal length of time you should expose the photo for.

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