Logoprobia ~ A fear of words


A poem about dyslexia

Treacle trudging through young children’s books as an old, weary child

A kaleidoscope of words breed on the page

Letters fleeting

Migrant bird sentences

Refugee letters scramble to safety

Please don’t let me slip through the cracks

stuck on the hungry hungry caterpillar,

biff and chip and the magic key books

Panic reaches down my throat and clenches my lungs
And all of a sudden I’m underwater

Not swimming just drowning

And as the last of the air leaves my lungs

Bubbles of hope and understanding escape me

I know the devil is in the detail

Because I’ve looked him in the eye

So dance with me, devil

Dance until your feet bleed

And you cry





  • Turn it into a book where I layer these words so that it has the same visual effect that dyslexia has when it distorts language
  • Transform this into visual poetry

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