The half-finished sky – Lost in translation


The half-colour heaven by Tomas Tranströmer, performed by Karsten on 17/11/17.

This is an experiment piece where I have been trying to work out how to turn voice into a sound piece. I would like this audio to be used in one of my future videos as I think this piece leads itself towards a narration soundtrack. Here I have looped and echoed my voice in Swedish and then overlaid it with the official English translation of this poem. This piece to me is a translation in motion and expresses how the original meaning and nuance of pieces of poetry are lost in translation. I have tried to emulate that through my editing of this audio.

In some respects, this audio piece is a personal response to the English translation of the original text of this poem. When I read the English translation I became so frustrated, as I knew the Swedish version of the poem well and I would argue that a lot of the subtly and nuance of this poem is lost when translated literally.

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