A ballet  13/11/17


Militarised marching in a minimal scene with people through the fog

Intimidation, simple but strong drums

Warrior dance; tribal mob

Different from anything I’ve ever seen

Precision and symmetry becoming chaos

The fog

The empty stage

The people stood

Just beyond the fog


Trapped souls

The light reddens

And it starts

Repeating and deadens

Who do you want me to be?

We are all the same, see?

And we just follow

The beauty in nonconformity

The few left continue drilling

It’s become ingrained, duty

The dance restarts

The uniformity

A place away from time and hearts

The eternal cycle of progression

The eternal cycle of time

The eternal cycle of war

It repeats and restarts

All moving as a group

There was never a single soloist

No identity

No gender

Just power

The tension through repetitive movement is unlike anything else

The drums start



It resets

It restarts

It never stops

Can never stop

The progression of time

A spider thing

Creature crawls out from the left

The dead or dying

They enter the fog

Orange lights from behind looking like headlights or God

Their dance twitches

It makes more sense


and then becomes more fluid

Elegance returns as chaos

It is one of the most beautiful dances I have ever danced

I don’t want it to ever end

One person leaves and then the next

It’s dark outside the spotlight just round the bend

One person

Lone survivor

Alone looking at your soul as they blend into the blue

They crawl into the fog until greeted by another

It’s all blue, Slap

The music is low and atmospheric

You can still hear the dances, clap

3 bodies lay and then turn

The music changes and it’s all organic, tap

Bodies writhing and chaotic

Tension rises, crack

Again the drums start

The red and yellow sickens and becomes purple and green

Then the dreaded symmetry returns, back

Redder than blood








  • Turn into a book with a repeating pattern or structure to represent the repeating nature of this performance
  • Write out this poem onto origami to represent the elegance yet rigidity of this performance
  • Perform this piece as spoken word

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