A conversation about the future

The weird thing about the V&A is that the old parts look like a traditional museum, but the new parts look like an airport. I feel that all new structures look the same, which is a shame because what can the future possibly look like if everything from our generation looks the same. For example, all of our airports, bus stations, apartments, office blocks and museums look the same. Although, I feel that perhaps the same issue was still apparent in the Victorian era, as everything from that era does look similar. -Ka


When you look at the Georgian Era in England and post-revolution Paris, all of the buildings look the same… could it be that humans innately feel comfortable with conformity and uniformity? – Z


Or perhaps, it is more that people feel akin to their era, all of the architecture from their era makes them feel comfortable, as it is relatable. It is all consistent through all mediums. Although, I feel like we haven’t experienced any architectural revolutions since the 60s, which is ashame. Is that the same with art and politics? – Ka


I think that present-day architecture mirrors the attitudes of the particular epoch. For example, castles were erected to protect, enact as a fortress, and act as an intimidator to enemy forces. Today’s architecture is lofty, open, almost void and lifeless, and usually sourced from the finest rocks and metals. I think that this empty style of architecture shows how empty, devoid of character, and no tolerance for human error or flaw that the world is becoming. Just a thought. Others might find these big open spaces light, airy, and bright. I find them to be cold and depressing, almost like the concept of being human is simply dying. – Z


Clinical and void of self expression and emotion, is what I think, when I think of modern architecture. Then again, when the buildings of the Victorian and Georgian era were produced, they were produced as a reaction to the industrial revolution and inspiration from God. Now that God is dead, what do we have as inspiration? Humans? – Ka


I agree with this…. I think the driving force behind our void is that consumerism is replacing culture and human condition. There’s no room for flaw, character, only production and uniformity. Look at Japan, it’s culture is rapidly dissipating under the weight of mass consumption and capitalism. – Z


The same goes for China, though. For example, they have made their name in the west through producing the plastic shit that we consume through capitalism, despite them being a communist state. The system of make, take, buy, break, dump, in the west is built upon men, women and children in China producing a surplus of plastic, shite, single use items in China to be exported to the west. Scrubbing away all of the culture, emotion and expression from the items that we (as a global community) consume. They are all just mass produce products without thought and consideration. I feel this is what has happened to most things throughout the world, including architecture. We are all so desperate to produce stuff, but we forget to put personality into what we produce, as everything has to be produced as quickly and easily as possible. It doesn’t even seem to matter who the architect is anymore, as everything looks the same. Just look at terminal 5 heathrow, Reading train station, Slough bus station and the V&A. They are all produced by different architects, but they are all identical. Why can’t we express ourselves anymore? Is it because we are all afraid of failure and rejection as a creative? It’s so much easier to stick to what we know sells – Ka


I do think people are afraid to fail… and failure + loss comes with being human. We are trying to become superhuman with our huge, lofty architecture, designer GMO babies, and completely new hearts and nervous systems. – Z


In the future we will all upgrade ourselves to become better. In the same way that you can get a nose job or a boob job, but with intelligence, attitude and physical strength. Do you think we will be the last generation to be originally creative without genetic enhancement? Do you think that the future of art and creativity will be tainted because of AI and genetic enhancement, as they will be programmed to be above and beyond us (people with no enhancement or editing)? – Ka


I think that in our turbulent and yoyoing world we are so afraid to not have enough that we over consume. Look at America and Britain, we have such high obesity rates because we buy overly-processed and overproduced foods and we eat so much of it that we soon become fat. Enough is never enough. Whether it’s the latest Adidas bag and the backpack version of it, we always need the latest thing. What I am getting to is that we will never truly be perfect or 100% what we need and want to be. Enough will never be enough. -Z


In that case is famine failure? In addition, we are all told throughout school and life that everything is not enough. We should always try harder, strive for better and higher grades. Even if we are at full capacity we are told to go beyond. I think this is what is leading to our crisis with mental health and physical health. We are told to never be content and happy with what we have produced. Therefore, we resort to what we think and know will produce the best response and prosperity without emotion and personal expression. We know that we can always go for the easy option; the path of least resistance. – Ka


The answer is that we need to accept that we are indeed mortal and vincible. We are animals. Not gods. – Z


Hey guys, Kyran Gilbert here; long time listener, first time caller…   What really grinds my gears about modern architecture is the use of glass. Glass is made from sand and it’s still technically a liquid. Over really long periods of time glass continues to warp and flow. None of these buildings are built to last. In every literal and metaphorical sense. This is interesting though when you take into consideration the advancements in the technology behind glass, how much it’s used in everyday technology and the reasons it’s used so much within the architecture…    bring back mud huts! – Ky

Viva la glass punk – Ka


A conversation between me and my friends about the future

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