Why language?

Because language is very relevant to me as someone who is both fluent in English and Swedish and is dyslexic. Language has always fascinated me, and how you may have one word in one language that you don’t have in another, even if that one word is exactly what you mean or how you feel. Sometimes it can get really frustrating when a word comes to you in a different language but doesn’t come to you in the one that you are currently speaking. You can get a bit stuck. It’s particularly annoying when you know that you will lose all of the nuance of that sentence by using 10 words to describe what you could just say using 1 in another.

My nationality has been a topic that has been on my mind a lot recently as I have had to update my finnish citizenship and renew my finnish passport. When I got my finnish passport renewed as I talked to the lady at the appointment in both English and Swedish as sometimes it’s just easier to mix those two languages to convey exactly what you mean. Especially if there is a word in one language that fits more precisely to the message that you are trying to convey, which is particularly helpful when you are trying to deal with the bureaucracy of trying to get a passport.  So this topic has really been apparent to me recently, and has been something that I have been thinking about a lot. This has cullminated in me thinking about language and my identity as a Swedish speaking Finn in England. This tri-nation mash up has developed who I am as a person and my view of the world, of culture, of politics, of beauty.

In addition, the fact that I’m a Swedish speaking Finn, is quite controversial over in Finland as some groups of Finnish people think that Finland should only be Finnish speaking. Even though the Swedish speaking parts of Finland has developed over 100s of years of trade and migration between the two countries, making the Swedish speaking parts of Finland just a valid as the Finnish speaking part of Finland in my mind. However, there are groups of Finnish people who would disagree with me from a nationalist point of view. This conflict makes me even more determined to be proud of my heritage and identity.

This makes me want to explore language and the power that language has, despite it being a totally lucid, intersubjective concept. This I think also relates to time, and how time is also a lucid, intersubjective concept. I think that the comparison of these two intersubjective concepts that have power and control us is fascinating. Like a chief making a cheesecake in a fancy restaurant, I want to deconstruct and explore this.


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