Unit 2


I have been thinking about what I should do for this project, since it’s self directed.

Before I started this course I made a list of all of my ideas and processes that I wanted to explore in the future:

  • making stamps from rubbers
  • explore more bookbinding
  • weaving
  • mini stories
  • wall hangings
  • scrolls
  • working with my typewriter
  • light drawing
  • working with VHS tapes and cassettes
  • typography
  • abstract ink
  • making my own charcoal
  • using weathering
  • a book that looks like a door
  • poetry
  • removing text from articles to make poetry

I see myself through this project exploring the future and time. I think this is particularly relevant to me now considering the book I just read on future technologies and where the future will take us. In addition, I would love to read the book that I have on quantum theory and have that inform my future artwork too. I love working with mixed media and 3D like Josh Faught.

Due to my love of diagrammatic artwork like that of Basquiat and Sonja Ahlers, and collage like that of Barbara Kruger and Miroljub Todorovic, and vispo like that of Andrew Topel, Alexander Jorgensen and Nick Piombino, and surrealism/absurdism such as Dali, Nancy Burr and Marcus Erixson.

I would love to use this project as a way to explore new mediums and ways of working. I think it would be fun to work in a very portfolio based way. By this I mean bring in a signature each day and work on that as my sketchbook work, but only bind my sketchbook at the end of the project where everything can be in the right order, as I know that I always work out of sequence as my research is so board and varying. I think this way my work will be more organised (weirdly).

Also I would like to keep this blog going, but only as a text based one. I will keep posting my poetry and my academic work on here and then use my tumblr, as a place for me to post my photos, audio and videos.

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