Homo Deus

This is the book that I am currently reading. It is very mind expanding; my brain-sponge is soaking up a lot of new ideas, concepts and theories about what tomorrow will look like. There are few things that inspire me more than the philosophical side of predicting the future. Asking questions like, when medicine advances to the point where it is possible to be immortal, would I like to be? Its an amazing thought experiment. A good book to think about in the shower, when you are exploring your mind. ( My conclusion by the way is no. I don’t ever want to be immortal, it takes all of the fun out of life. I’ll do a blog post about that later.) Below I provide my thoughts and responses to the book in chronological order according to the audiobook.


Chapter 1 –  How do humans die? (this is a great question because

Death is just a technical problem


Chapter 4 – We are all just algorithms. If everything is formula, then we must be too

We assume that everyone is conscious, but there is no way of proving it. Therefore, I maybe the only human in the universe that feels anything

If there are infinite simulated universes, the likelihood that we are in a simulated universe in incredibly high


Chapter 5 – Are humans superior? Maybe


Chapter 7 – God often hides in the small print


Chapter 8 – What is modernity? Humans agree to give up meaning in exchange for power.

Life has no meaning. The universe is a blind and purposeless process full of sound and fury.

If modernity had a motto it would be that shit happens


Chapter 9 – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder because who else is there to determine whether it’s beautiful or not. Is it god? No, God is dead.

Without god how do we tell what is good, moral or aesthetic?

I believe in my own inner voice. As does everyone else, before God we knew it was just us. Then we constructed a God and thought that that voice was him that was guiding us. Now God is dead, so we can only ever believe and trust in ourselves.


Chapter 10 – “each person narcissistically exploring their own inner depths” This is the issue that I have with most modern art, it’s so self obsessed and has no understanding or sensitivity to others. We should instead focus on other and how others are feeling, and how my actions influence and have power over other people.

Psychotherapists are part of our societal system, they give too much weight to our own personal decisions and not enough to our social conditions. That is because it’s easier to pick a part the patient instead of the society and factors that are beyond our control like the lottery of birth.


God is dead, it only takes a while to get rid of the body.


Chapter 11 – What is the meaning of life?

If every job is existence can and will be performed by computers in the future does that mean we are going to be the last knowledgable generation?

In the future we could be owned by algorithms. Maths will control us.

Future jobs could include virtual world designers. Which sounds like a wonderful, creative job.

I know your heart, and so does google, amazon and apple.


Chapter 13 – Gods and corporations. Now that god is dead aren’t those two the same?

mental states are something that hasn’t been explored. This is something that the future might unlock. We can all become shaman.

Why can’t we dream anymore?

We should always listen to our authentic self, they are the true you and know you better than anyone else.


Chapter 14 – Why bother writing anything if you’re not going to share it?

Is there perhaps something in the universe that can’t be reduced to data?

I’m ultimately going to become a Chinese river dolphin.

Remember the last 3 questions.



In conclusion, the world is ours to do as we please. But that statement comes with weight and responsibility. We have to make sure that the future that we produce is the one that we want. Put in place the legislation that prevents disaster. However, to be honest, if disaster strikes, it will only be end of the world.





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