We are all too similar

We all have our tolerances

We all have our skeletons

And our chains to rattle

We dance with our ghosts

Flirt with our pasts

Our abusers get abused

Manipulate our truths

Put on all of our laughs

We all try to put our most considered foot forward

Without considering what our most daring foot has to say

Being too cool

Too cruel

To the point where we are no longer ourselves

Too kind

We are only projections of abstractions of who we want to be

Too angry

Even then we can not see the horror in symmetry

Too sad

Or the beauty in anarchy

Too blind

We all wait in line

But we can’t wait to express ourselves

Or start showing personality

Some people sink back

While others shine

But we all have our chances

And choices to shine

So shine

Be the best version of yourself

Taking no hints from others

Not glancing at your neighbours exam paper

They aren’t worth you

Don’t cheat your past

Drink the kettle water

To find what you like and what you don’t

Piss in the sink

Don’t waste your time on useless noise

Brush my eyes

Don’t waste your effort on useless people

Cut my teeth


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