Memento Mori

Gap toothed papers,

Hanging out of people’s windows,

Wishing your brain cells away,

Dying it orangy yellow,

The shit I always say,

As well as the past,

Making you hollow,

Although the past sticks to you like stench,

Making you bellow,

It won’t leave you,

If you look below the surface,

You’ll realise that there is nothing left,

Like it’s impregnated under your skin,

Making you somebody,

Anybody else,

And your health,

Let’s not talk about it,

Look away,

Especially not mental health,

Bottles in the bin,

Let’s not mention it,

Even if it is a sin,

Don’t say anything,

especially not if it is a sin.

2017-09-14 18.00.19

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