Everything at once

I found solace in a room filled with lights and electronic sounds. The lighting was ambient and the electronic sounds; a dull but tuneful buzz. I could get lost in its simplicity and depth. My body became heavy listening to the music and I became almost compelled to sit (and then lay down) by the music. It was such an overwhelming compulsion.

(I’m unsure if this was intended by the artist or not, but it felt right to view the room from this angle.)

In sitting down, everyone else who entered the room started to sit and lay down too. I’m not sure if my tranquility caused people to want to join in, or if they felt the same urge to sit when they were surrounded by those lights and sounds. Either way, it forced everyone to see the room from a different perspective. That angle being mine. (Which I think is an interesting idea for a performance piece)


The walls became geometrically patterned due to the configuration of the installation and the positioning of the lights. This lighting would change in time to the electronic whirring. The tonal shifting was well suited to the colours of the lights as they shifted and combined with other coloured lights on the ceiling of the room.

Laying in this meditative state being consumed by light and sound felt very enlightening. I found this piece forced me to reflect on myself and my view of the art world as a consumer and as an artist.


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