Clunie Reid – Just like…

Clunie Reid has a very distinctive style and has changed the appearance of the base image and subject matter in this piece by adding text and lines over the original image in marker pen. The base image has very intense and dramatic lighting, this plus the fact that it’s in black and white, and has a black background makes the figure and the black, thick text that’s been added over the top stand out more. This dark, purposeful and expressive use of line over the base image has changed the meaning and atmosphere of the piece to make it more aggressive, imposing and critical, while staying to the chiaroscuro tone of the base image. Since in this piece the artist has used black marker to write on a black and white image with a black background, it creates a quite tight and crowded composition.

Generally this artist uses the text to create a commentary based on the image, and then write it on the image. The title of this piece links to the text in the image which references Douglas Huebler who helped found the conceptual art movement, this piece makes a comment on the art world as well as our society. This artist’s oeuvre is commentary on our society and celebrity culture, and using artwork to make fun of, note and point out the weirdness and flaws in our culture, it’s a reaction to the world we live in.


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