Suzanne McClelland – Domestic Terrorist Kerkow

This piece was made in 2014. The materials used in this piece are dry pigment, gesso, oil paint and polymer on portrait linen. The materials seem to be applied hastily, yet in a mindfully way which ensures that the story inspiring the piece can be conveyed. The layering of the materials in this piece reminds me of my previous work, as well as previous artists I’ve analysed, because those piece also told stories, but this artist does it in a different way. The style of this piece is quite non-representational despite still being able to tell a story. This piece was inspired by the story of Catherine Kerkow, who was involved in a Black Panther hijacking of a plane by having a supposed bomb in her suitcase, however was never arrested for it. The lines used in this piece are mainly vertical, horizontal, and very expressive. The colours used are minimal and generally neutral, the colours being grey/brown, black, white and hot pink. The hot pink creates visual interest and has female connotations. Techniques in this piece include; wet-on-wet, sgraffito, use of tone and impasto. This piece has a chiaroscuro tone in places, and a gradated tone in others. The composition of this piece reminds me of poetry, it’s very simple, minimalist and refined, yet able to act as a window into a story.

“Much like the lives we now lead on the internet… everything is text-based – the primary connection to our activity is maintained through data.”

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